May – Jul Events

May – Jul Events

Phase 2 Residential

15th – 17th May 2019  

Mindfulness/Well Being Day


Tuesday 21st May 2019  
Phase 3 Concert 21st & 23rd May 2019

(24th May – Dress Rehearsal)


Sports Day


Monday 10th June 2019 (Reserve 17th June) Yes
Sensory Sports Day Tuesday 11th June 2019 (Reserve 18th June) Yes
Maths/PE Day Tuesday 25th June 2019  
PMLD Sports Day and MOVE Day   Yes
Phase 1 Activity Day Last day of every term  
Phase 2 Activity Week WB 24th June 2019  
Phase 4 Activity Week WB 8th July 2019  
Arts Sharing Day 10th July 2019  
Phase 3 Activity Day WB 15th July 2019  

Phase 3 & 4 Awards Afternoons


Monday 15th July 2019 Yes
Phase 1 End of Year Celebration Friday 19th July 2019  
Phase 2 End of Year Celebration Monday 22nd July 2019  
Phase 3 End of Year Celebration Tuesday 23rd July 2019  



Phase 4 Leavers Assembly


Tuesday 23rd July 2019 Yes
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