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Friends of Milestone

Friends of Milestone


We are a very lively group of parents, friends of the School and staff who make up the committee of the Friends of Milestone (FOM), who meet approximately once a term to raise funds for Milestone.

Our committee members are:

  • Vacancy (Chair)
  • Denise Ward-Corderoy (Vice Chair)
  • Lyn French (Secretary)
  • Maggie Taylor (Vice Secretary)
  • Emma Haggarty (Treasurer)
  • Nina Larking (Vice Treasurer)
  • Kaye Wren
  • Kelly Maleed
  • Pam Mayhew
  • Katie Allen
  • Sara Cross
  • Angela Barnett
  • Ruth Doodney
  • Tizz Read
  • Carol Russell

The aims of the FOM are to support the School by providing social events for families and friends to come together to have fun and to raise funds.

A variety of events are held throughout the year such as raffles, boot fairs, quiz nights, therapy evenings, discos, auctions and, our biggest event, the super Summer Fete.

With funds raised by the Friends in the last four years they have:

  • Contributed  towards a new Variety Club wheelchair accessible vehicle.
  • Purchased wildlife bird boxes and cameras
  • Contributed £1000 towards the purchase of mirrors for the drama studio
  • Purchased removable staging for the drama studio.
  • Contributed £14,000 towards the new playground development.
  • Contributed £3,000 for the new fitness suite.
  • I.C.T. support and the purchase of medical equipment to support the School Nurse Service for the children.
  • And much more.

Annually, the committee members make gifts for Mother and Father’s days that the children love choosing and purchasing for their parents.

The Friends of Milestone are important to the work of Milestone in enabling us to have fun together as families and staff, bringing joy and pleasure to the children in school and supporting the work of the School in meeting it’s aims for children.

The FOM are always seeking enthusiastic and willing parents and friends to join us in raising funds for all the special children here.

If you wish to volunteer for any events and please remember that no long term commitment is needed, you can do so by contacting the FOM Secretary, Lyn French via the main reception at Milestone.

Events and fundraising activities are always well advertised in advance via the school’s termly newsletter and the school website.

Please do get in touch; any help is very much appreciated by all at Milestone Academy.