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Primary Sports Funding

Primary Sports Funding


Primary Sports Funding 2014-15

Change For Life Sports Clubs (£4,500)

Qualified SEN sports coach delivering fitness and basic skills sessions to students from Primary, 2 days per week (6 classes per week) for the duration of the academic year.


  • Increase in specialist PE hours
  • Extended PE curriculum
  • Development of  agility, balance and co-ordination for children right across key stage 1 and 2.

Youth Sports Trust National Conference 2015 (£180) / Skills 2 Achieve Assessment System (£600)

One staff member sent to access various PE based training, seminars and accessing networking opportunities with the aim of developing curricular or extra curricular opportunities for students within the primary department.

A seminar was attended based around ‘Assessment’ . A web based assessment system called Skills 2 Achieve was used as an example where some primary and special schools across the country spoke very highly of how the system has vastly improved tracking and monitoring of key physical development skills.


  • Purchase of Skills to Achieve Assessment system to use in 2015-16.
  • An improvement in ability to accurately track and record physical progress for students from an early age.
  • Better quality data to prove student progression.
  • A better means of keeping parents updated as to physical development progress.
  • A qualitative means of analysing impact of PE across the school.

British Cycling Level 2 Staff Training (£500) / New Bicycles / Safety Equipment (£1925)

Two members of staff were trained to level 2 standard and gained qualifications to deliver cycling as part of the extended curriculum.

Impact :

  • A means of delivering a successful physical development programme on school grounds (this was accessed as an offsite activity at Cyclopark beforehand)
  • Increase in curricular / extra curricular opportunities for students.
  • Development of a key life skill.
  • Improvement in balance and co-ordination of young people taking part in bicycle clubs.

Young Sports Leaders Award (£580) / Inter School Sports Event (£240)

12 Students from Key Stage 4 and 5 were selected to take part in a training course in order to gain experience in working as a young sports leader. The students learned the basics and fundamentals of organising sports sessions for young people and hosted an in school sports event for students within the primary department.


  • Young Leaders to lead playground games activities in next academic year.
  • Young Sports Leaders to start and run ‘Sports Council’ to improve quality of sports provision offered to students in primary.
  • Young Leaders to be involved in setting up and running sports clubs in next academic year.
  • In school sports event led by Young Leaders which provided extended opportunities for KS 1 and 2 students to improve basic skills linked to sport.
  • Improvement in extra curricular PE for Key Stage 1 and 2 students.