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Primary Sports Premium

Primary Sports Premium

 Primary School Sports Premium 2017-18

Youth Sports Trust (Primary Membership)  

A yearly membership to Youth Sport Trust.


  • Raised standards and achievement across the school.
  • Enhanced leadership of PE.
  • Promote effective sport and healthy active lifestyle development.
  • Benchmarked our PE provision in line with sports participation and enhanced curriculum.
  • Provided opportunities for training staff development and networking to improve practice.

Beaming Stars Gymnastics and Dance

We have hired qualified Gymnastics coaches from Beaming Stars to deliver 5 hours of Gymnastics sessions and specialist Dance  to classes in Early Years, Phase 1 and Phase 2.


  • These sessions have provided a regular means of improving basic agility, balance and co-ordination of young people taking part in weekly sessions.
  • A regular fun and engaging activity which classes have been enjoying as a means of an extra-curricular sports activity.
  • A means of monitoring progress over time with coaches setting targets and keeping data to share with class teachers.

Maintenance on Bicycles and equipment in order to run Cycling Clubs

General maintenance, checks and repairs on a range of bicycles.


Opportunities for classes to access a range of bicycles to suit various abilities. Extra curricular sports opportunities such as cycling clubs. Opportunities to develop students ability to ride a bicycle. Students have accessed adapted bikes and improved fitness and in school PE hours alongside PE lessons.

Specialist Sports Coaching / Physical Development Progression

Qualified sports coach 1 and a half hours a week to work with lower functioning phase 1 and 2 students.

Impact – A regular means and focus on physical development for our least physically able students in Primary. A specialist sports coach from JG Play Ed, visited the school one whole morning every week to work one-to-one on improving the physical development of targeted students.

  • This has allowed PE subject staff, class teachers and the coach to liaise regularly and produce, monitor and evaluate developmental progress over the course of the year.

Sports equipment and sports packs for each phase and primary provision

Specialist sports equipment across provisions.

  • to enhance specialist and non-specialist led PE lessons.
  • to develop opportunities for different activities during play times
  • improved behaviour through engagement

Dartford District FA / Dartford FC Affiliation

An annual affiliation with Dartford District FA / Dartford FC.

  • Weekly coaching sessions led by qualified football coaches
  • District teams
  • Sports Leaders to assist events and lessons
  • Girls development programme
  • After School Football Clubs
  • Lunchtime football clubs
  • Participation day
  • Participation in district events.

Specialist climbing coaching sessions / Swimming lessons. Facility hire / Extra coaching (Star Centre only)

  • Access to new sport and facilities
  • Develop extra curricular PE hours
  • General health and fitness