Early Years


The junior department comprises seven classes which are all named after different geographical features. Each class is needs led and the pupils are of primary age.

All pupils within Phase 2 are taught English and Mathematics and there is also a strong emphasis on encouraging communication and language plus the development of social, independence and life skills throughout all our daily activities.

Pupils in Field, Mountain, Ocean and Meadow classes follow a Topic based curriculum which is a modified and differentiated version of the National Curriculum, comprising essential elements of Science, History, Geography and Religious Education.

The Topics are delivered within a two year rolling programme and are designed to be personalised and tailored to pupil needs.

The children in Coast Class follow a similar 2 year rolling programme in which topics are delivered through multi sensory activities.

We now have two TEACCH classes within Phase 2. The pupils in these classes are taught within a structured environment in which lessons are specifically tailored to their individualised learning programmes.

All our pupils access specialist lessons such as Music, PE , Food Technology and Dance, as well as swimming or Aqua learn.  Integration within the Phase 2 classes is encouraged and we have regular whole phase activities throughout the year. The children all participate in regular off site activities and community participation.

The emphasis in Phase 2 is making learning an enjoyable experience and enabling each pupil to reach their full potential.

Nina Dipple

Phase 2 Leader