Phase 1


Curriculum Overview for children in Phase One


Children within the Foundation Stage have access to a broad and balanced curriculum where learning takes place through a mix of child initiated and adult led learning.  We aim to make learning pleasurable and rewarding, helping our children think and communicate about their learning. We are a total communication environment and understand the power that particular modes of communication have such as signing, PECS, switch use and help extend, refine and develop them in the most positive and successful way.


Personalised learning is at the heart of both Phase One curriculum therefore; the curriculum is shaped around the pupils’ individual needs taking into account the physical, intellectual, emotional and social abilities of each child.

We aim to develop children’s skills that they have already acquired and use them in wider environments, generalising these skills to make them functional in all surroundings.


Parents and carers are encouraged to be partners in their children’s education and have opportunities to help their children learn at home, through very close links with the Academy.


The topic based curriculum taken from the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and for our older children from the Key Stage One Curriculum, within the curriculum for all of our children the focus is on the Prime Areas of Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development, feeding into the Specific Areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World/Science/RE and Expressive Arts and Design/Music/DT/Art.  All of the areas of learning and development are interconnected to the characteristics of effective learning, which are ‘playing exploring’, ‘active learning’ and ‘creating and critical thinking’.  


The curriculum endeavours to provide broad, interesting and relevant learning opportunities supporting their social cultural, moral and educational development

which in turn prepares them very well for their next stage of school.