Phase 2


Phase 2

The Junior department comprises 6 classes all named after different Geographical features.  Each class is needs led and pupils are all of Phase 2 age.  The curriculum we follow has been specifically designed on a topic based approach and is a modified and differentiated version of the National Curriculum.

Our topic based curriculum is delivered in a 2 year rolling cycle.  Each termly topic is divided into upper and lower key stage two and further differentiated into levels of ability.  The children in Coast class follow a two year rolling multi sensory curriculum with similar themes and topics. The children in Forest and Valley follow our topic structure with aTEACCH approach.

Our curriculum is adaptable and can be personalised for each class and from year to year to suit all abilities and meet individual needs.  Activities we do in school have a strong practical and multi-sensory focus and are linked by termly topics which underpin the curriculum subjects.

PHSE is a key focus in Phase 2 and the curriculum promotes and addresses the need to provide quality teaching and learning opportunities for pupils to develop communication, social, independence, personal and life skills.  All of our children access specialist lessons such as Music, Dance and PE.  All have regular swimming or Aqua Learn sessions and the older children go horse riding in groups throughout the year.  All children participate in regular off site activities and community participation.


Harsharn Birring – Phase 2 Leader


Phase 2 Cycle

Phase 2 Cycle 2