Phase 2

Phase 2


My name is Dee Pickerill and I am Vice Principal at Milestone Academy. I lead standards across the Primary and Secondary Phases as Head of Achievement and Teaching & Learning. I have always taught children with Special Educational Needs and have worked at Milestone Academy twice – I actually started my teaching career here. After leaving for a short career break to look after my daughters and then working in another special school in Staffordshire, I returned in 2001.  Since then I have taught all age groups, led drama and design & technology, been a Key Stage Leader, Assistant Head and for the last few years have been Deputy Head of the Primary Department. I am very excited about my new role as I will be working much more closely with the secondary phases as well as primary.

My priority is to ensure that all pupils here are happy, well cared for and make exceptional progress. I like to work closely with families and would much prefer that any concerns, no matter how small, are raised early to allow us to work together to resolve them. It is very important to me that every day at Milestone Academy makes a difference to our children and that learning is both fun and relevant.

If you are considering a place for your child at Milestone Academy then please contact me to arrange a tour of the school. Either myself or one of our Assistant Principals will be very happy to show you our wonderful school and tell you more about what makes us special. Nobody knows your child better than you do so we always work closely with our families to help our children make the very best start and be the success we know they can be.

If your child already attends Milestone and you have any questions about their progress then please do contact me.

Dee Pickerill

Vice Principal