Art & Design



In the Art and Design Department at Milestone, our aim is to extend the students’ horizons and give them an appreciation of the world of art, both within and outside school, while engaging them in tasks which they enjoy and which attract their attention and enthusiasm. We aim for all students to extend their abilities to concentrate, by looking, listening and following instructions which along with an anticipation of the next step and a burgeoning of independence are considered to be signs of progress.

Statement of intent

At Milestone, students in Art and Design will be encouraged to:

  • Use a variety of materials and processes for sensory exploration
  • Respond to familiar ideas and themes
  • Investigate and combine materials and processes to make images and artefacts
  • Experience and experiment with colour, line, shape, texture, pattern and form
  • Explore different materials and processes
  • Extend communication skills in a practical way, expressing in visual terms what they see, feel and think – on their own or working with others
  • Value and assess their own and others’ achievements.


In Early Years, KS 1 and KS2 class teachers and assistants are responsible for implementing the Art and Design curriculum while in KS3, KS4 and KS5 it is taught by a specialist art teacher. All students in KS3 have a weekly lesson, skills are differentiated and taught through topics which last two terms and follow a 3 year rolling programme. In KS4 and KS5 the students are encouraged to choose between all the arts subjects bi-termly so allowing them to either experience a variety or focus on just one subject for the year. Their topics run for 2 terms and follow a 2 year rolling programme. Topics cover skills such as drawing and painting, printing, collage, sculpture and ICT.

All the students in the secondary department also have the opportunity to share their artwork during formal Art Exhibitions as well as displays in the art room and around school.