The Dance Department


During their time at Milestone Academy all pupils are given the opportunity to dance.  Some lessons are taught by specialist teachers whilst other sessions are included in the class curriculum.  The Dance Department works with members of the Arts and P.E. Faculties to provide meaningful and inclusive experiences for all students in line with the National Curriculum, with disabilities looked on as creative opportunities for new approaches.  



It is the intention to deliver an enjoyable, exciting and meaningful curriculum, accessible to every student, which will stretch pupils and enrich their lives both in and out of school.  Dance skills are developed in a safe and supportive environment where success is achievable and every contribution is considered and valued. The Dance Curriculum offers opportunities for all pupils to participate in activities that develop health and fitness through increasing their creative skills, build character through evaluating, succeeding and excelling in personal achievements, whilst promoting values such as fairness and respect within the wider group.  



The specialist curriculum is delivered in separate Phases and on a rolling programme which revisits dance concepts but builds on work previously experienced.  The PMLD and Sensory classes have a curriculum tailored to specific needs, sometimes in a topic based delivery. At present, Dance is taught by the specialist teacher to Phase 2, 3 and 4 pupils.  Work is carefully differentiated so that all pupils regardless of age, physical ability, cultural background or gender can succeed and that gifted and talented pupils can develop their skills fully.  Some students enter their work in the nationally recognized and accredited ‘Arts Award’ at bronze level. ‘Discover’ Arts Award is also currently being piloted. Sixth form students showcase the Performing Arts by working on performances for invited audiences.


The photos show examples of pupils working on their Arts Award.