My name is Jenny Garwood and I am the dance teacher at Milestone Academy. I manage my own subject area but often work closely with my colleagues from Music and Art within the Arts Department. Having completed my course as a teacher in Bristol with Dance as my special subject I then went on to further training at The Art of Movement Studio on a Dance Theatre course.  After this I worked both in Kent and Bexley in Mainstream schools. I have always been passionate about the value of Dance in education, especially the freedom it gives pupils to be creative, even if this needs to be in a structured framework.


The teaching of Creative Dance at Milestone Academy offers inclusive experiences, allowing all pupils to contribute and participate in a way that is meaningful to the individual. All contributions are equally valued. Dance lessons allow pupils to develop their expertise in this subject whilst at the same time also benefiting physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Sessions are differentiated with Learning Objectives to extend and stretch while including all. Skills are revisited in subsequent Key Stages to consolidate and build on previous learning.


Dance lessons are enjoyed in the Early Years and K.S.1 mainly through class topic work but are specialist taught from Key Stage 2 through to the sixth form.  Dance topics are carefully planned to be age appropriate. Examples for the current year include  K.S.2  ‘Soundbeam’,  K.S.3  ‘Street Jazz’ and  K.S.4  ‘World Dance.’ The sixth form liaises closely with all members of the Arts team, working on a production for later in the academic year. Alongside this students also improve their dance skills and older students enter their work in the nationally recognized ‘Arts Award’. The photos show examples of pupils working towards their bronze level and world dance topics.

Enrichment / Extended Learning

Students have the opportunity to further develop their subject knowledge by participating in visits and opportunities to showcase work. Newly created dance clubs in both K.S. 2 and K.S 3 give opportunities for enjoyment but also a chance to learn new skills in specialist groups.