Hello, my name is David Walker and I am the lead Music teacher at Milestone Academy. I have been teaching Music for over 25 years at all levels, ages and abilities. I am passionate about all kinds of music and making Music interesting and fun to everyone, especially to the pupils at Milestone. I play the Piano, a number of Woodwind instruments, cello and a number of percussion instruments including the Drums. I have a particular interest in playing classroom percussion instruments and how they can be used and combined.

I started  teaching the piano when I was 16 and this led to my childhood dream of becoming a class music teacher at the age of 22. I have also performed throughout the south-east as a piano accompanist and soloist. I have recorded Mozart and Beethoven Piano Sonatas on disc. Music has always been an important part of my life.

Music is very popular at Milestone. The pupils enjoy and experience a wide range of Music from all around the world to different styles of pop music. We L.O.V.E music! Loud, soft, fast, slow classical to rock and pop music. The music department is fully equipped with a full range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments, keyboards. Drum kits African drums, indian drums, Suzuki tone chimes and hand bells and including boomwhackers.

Pupils sing, play music games and a strong emphasis on developing the most fundamental skills- rhythm, keeping a beat/ pulse, pitch, percussion skills, learning to play in groups and most important of all, to have fun and enjoyment.

We have choirs and instrumental percussion groups that rehearse at lunch times and 1 :1 sessions in Drum kit, Keyboard and Percussion improvisation. Sometimes we go out of school to perform in public including the Longfield Music festival with the local schools.

In Year 10 and 11 we study Arts award which involves the study and development of skills on a classroom instrument of the pupil’s choice. In the sixth form everyone has a music session on an Arts carousel with Art and Dance. There is a annual FE Arts production.

Everyone has one Music lesson each week which consists of fun inter-related activities in performing, improvisation, listening, music games, singing games and Action songs. We learn a Hello and Goodbye song and each week there is a star of the Music lesson who has excelled in their practical work.