The teaching of Physical Education at Milestone Academy is seen as an essential part of the curriculum and helps all students to achieve their full potential. One of the primary activities of the young person is exploration of the environment through physical movement. The information obtained through such movements provides a basis for learning. Milestone Academy aims to develop and extend each pupil’s physical ability, both for its own sake and to facilitate development in other areas such as social and moral development.


In Phase 1 and 2, students operating between levels P3 and P8 will be offered an opportunity first and foremost to develop basic Physical Literacy skills.

Phase 1 – Students will take part in activities including:

  • Fundamental Movement Skills (Agility, Balance, Coordination).
  • Walking, running, catching, throwing, jumping, sending and receiving, balance, movement.
  • Students will work individually and with others, develop level appropriate competitive opportunities and challenging activities.

Phase 2 – As students progress the aim will be for students to:

  • Begin to participate in team games and develop simple tactics.
  • Begin to link series of movements.
  • Work more productively in pairs and small groups.
  • Start to use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and combination.
  • Take part in modified sports and invasion games, striking games, target sports as well as gymnastics and athletics  and understand concepts of these games / skills and key vocabulary.
  • Take part in OAA activities to challenge individually and to enhance team building skills.
  • Develop swimming skills.

In Phase 3 and 4, students operating between levels P8 and Stage 4 will begin to take part in more competitive Physical Education games and activities and begin to develop some concept of tactics and compositional awareness as well as developing knowledge of health and fitness and health and safety in sport.

Phase 3/4 – As students progress the aim will be for students to:

  • Build on and embed physical development and skills learned in Phase 1 and 2.
  • Start to become more competent and confident in techniques.
  • Understand what makes performance effective.
  • Begin to understand the long term health benefits of regular physical activity.
  • Begin to use tactics and strategies to overcome opponents.
  • Develop technique and improve performance in athletics , gymnastics and swimming.
  • Take part in OAA to build teamwork and problem solving skills.
  • Analyse performance and suggest ways to improve.
  • Take part in competitive sport in and out of school.


  • Take part in weekly rebound-therapy sessions to improve physical development.
  • Take part in regular Hydro-therapy sessions.
  • Be set mid term physical development targets decided by class teachers advised by the PE specialist.

High Achievers

  • Tackle more complex and demanding physical activities.
  • Become involved in a range of activities to develop personal fitness and promote an active lifestyle.
  • Develop leadership skills through young sports leader programmes.

Learning and Progression

Students will be aware of where they are in terms of their learning and progression and will be aware of the steps they need to achieve in order to progress to the next level. Learning objectives will  fall within one of three areas:


These categories will offer students the chance to enhance their all-round skills linked to PE and will be made evident within medium term planning. The categories lend themselves to the four main areas of Physical Education:



Learning objectives will be achieved by using an engaging mixture of sports and activities specifically suited to each learning group.  Over the duration of the academic year groups will cover the following areas:

  • Athletic Activities (Running, Throwing, Jumping)
  • Gymnastics (Balance, Travel)
  • Invasion Games (Dodgeball Individual, Dodgeball Team, Football, Netball, Basketball)
  • Net / Wall Games (Tennis, Badminton, Balloon Volleyball, Volleyball)
  • Striking Games (Rounders, Tennis, Kwik Cricket, Tri Golf)
  • OAA (Team Building, Problem Solving, Orienteering, Parachute Games, rock climbing)
  • Health and Fitness Activities (Circuit training, Fitness Suite, Cycling, Boxercise, Trampolining, dace)
  • Multi-Sport Activities (Kurling, Boccia, Polybat, Target Throwing, Mini Archery)

Extended Learning / Enrichment

Students at Milestone Academy are offered the chance to represent the school in a wide range of different sports and activities. Extra training from outside affiliates is arranged so to improve students skills in preparation for these sports competitions.

We maintain positive working links with the following groups and organisations in order to enrich the curriculum for students at Milestone Academy:

  • Youth Sports Trust (Full primary membership provides curriculum support and CPD opportunities for staff)
  • Kent FA Skills Programme (After school clubs and in school activities)
  • Cyclopark (Go Ride Scheme)
  • Panathlon UK (Regional and National Multi Sports Event)
  • Sainsbury’s School Games / Kent School Games (Regular sports fixtures and events)
  • Beaming stars – gymnastics coaching for Phase 1 and 2
  • Shooters Hill tennis club – Tennis coaching for Phase 4 satellite provision