Milestone @ The Star Centre

Milestone @ The Star Centre


Welcome to the Star Centre!

The Star Centre is a Milestone Academy primary satellite provision, based at Dartford Primary Academy’s York Road site. Students here all have an EHCP for profound, severe and complex needs and present with communication and interaction difficulties, and cognition and learning difficulties. Students attending the Star Centre are identified as those who are able to access and benefit from inclusion opportunities with their mainstream peers. We are able to offer social and academic inclusion that is personalised for each individual pupil – with all of our pupils accessing mainstream PE lessons and eating dinner with their Dartford Primary Academy peers. Some of our pupils also access curriculum lessons where there are academic benefits for doing so.

STARThe Star Centre offers the opportunity for pupils to be educated in a specialist provision, with the same personalised approach to learning and small class groups as those attending the Milestone site in New Ash Green. Staff undergo the same training as their counterparts on the main site and there are high staff to pupil ratios in each class. Our ethos is underpinned by the ‘Core Moral Purpose’ which guides our daily practice as we strive to provide first-class opportunities for academic and personal achievement. We offer a creative and engaging topic-based curriculum, and make extensive use of our local environment and community to provide opportunities to develop pupils’ independence and knowledge of the world around us within a real-life context. Our pupils access swimming and horse riding lessons (as they do in Phase 2 at Milestone Academy) and also additional sports coaching in their class groups using the Primary Sports Premium.

We are a small family at the Star Centre – there are only three classes; one KS1 and an upper and lower KS2 class, and the children and staff all know each other very well. We have a well-resourced separate playground (although students are able to access the large mainstream playground too, if they wish) where staff lead games and activities and support children of all ages to play, share and cooperate together. We are eagerly awaiting the building of a new, purpose-built Star Centre where we will continue to have the same capacity of three classes, but will have the additional benefit of a SMILE (Sensory-Motor Integration Learning Experience) Therapy Room to better meet pupils’ sensory and physical needs.

If you have any queries about the The Star Centre, or would like to arrange a visit, we can be contacted using the main school telephone number.

Charly Hills
Star Centre Director