Transition & Careers

Transition & Careers



The principal aim at Milestone Academy is to prepare all of our young people for life beyond school and college. Students need to develop an awareness of themselves as individuals and be made aware of the opportunities that are available to them in their future. We pride ourselves at Milestone Academy that we prepare the students for their adult life and the transition from full time education into the world beyond the Academy. Structured careers education provides students with focused opportunities for personal and social development which supports transition into the adult world.

Ofsted have recently investigated the importance of young people gaining good quality, Impartial and Independent Career Education, Information and Guidance throughout their education. It is well known that young people who have focused career ideas will achieve more through their adult life.

Leigh Academies Trust have chosen to employ a fully qualified Career and Progression Advisor, Mrs. Lesley Tannock, to develop the Career Education Programme throughout the different academies, enabling the students in the Trust to be prepared for their adult future.


  • Students will have access to a wide variety of appropriate careers information.
  • Students develop knowledge of the different options that are open to them after year 11 and year 14.
  • Students and families have the relevant support and guidance so that they feel fully informed about the opportunities open to their young person.
  • Students develop an awareness and understanding of different roles in the work place.
  • Students will be informed of the differences between school, college and work.
  • Students will begin to have an understanding of the concept of equal opportunities in relation to gender, ethnicity, socio-economic group, ability/disability and occupational choice.
  • Students will develop an understanding of the differences between work and leisure and how to present themselves differently depending on the circumstances.
  • Students will be supported and prepared to make choices and discuss the importance of a back-up plan just in case their first choice proves prohibitive.
  •  Students will develop the skills and confidence to help them make realistic and informed choices about their future in consultation with others.
  • Students will be supported to complete an application form and prepare a Curriculum Vitae as required.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to develop their full potential at school.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to decide on post 16 options along with others.
  • Students in Key stage 5 take part in work experience both in school and with external providers. Adult support is provided by the Academy if appropriate to support students on external work placements.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the world of work within the careers education programme.
  • Students are given the opportunity to complete ASDAN units developing their skills for the world of work, delivered as part of the curriculum.
  • Students will be supported to be aware of their abilities, skills, qualities, needs and values and explore how these may relate to different job areas.
  • Students will be supported to develop a positive self-image and have the ability to feel positive about their own future prospects.
  • Students will be prepared by increasing their level of self-confidence about the world of work and the role of employers.