So today’s computing club was a real treat for the Digital Leaders as we were joined by Stuart Norris the schools Business manager and a new piece of exciting tech!

As you will know, Milestone school is supported through a wealth of various fundraising groups and events which enable the children to have funding for some of the amazing experiences they encounter every day. One of these fundraising events known as Luddstock donate their proceeds to the school and these are allocated to various projects and purchases to enrich the children’s learning, it is through this wonderful fund that the Digital Leaders have been able to purchase a SPHERO.

This piece of exciting computing is a programmable and remote controlled robotic sphere. It is controlled through the use of a downloadable app and Bluetooth connectivity.

Pupils today were given a demonstration of the Sphero by Stuart Norris who we were pleased to welcome and thank for his support in purchasing the Sphero for the computing clubs use, to further explore programming and algorithms and work on controlling devices.

We had a turn at controlling the Sphero using both a joypad control and motion sensor using the iPad,lots of fun and so much more that this can do.

A big thanks to Luddstock for their fundraising and support will be passed on by the Digital Leaders.