The digital leaders met today after a brief pause in our usual lunchtime club slot. We discussed the changes to the new curriculum and the use of the name ‘Computing’, we talked about expectations at key stage 2 and 3 and thought about some of the language used.

Pupils were shown ‘Google Forms’ and we discussed how we can collate information in a questionnaire, pupils decided what questions we could ask and were introduced to ‘BOOLEAN data types’ where there is typically a choice from 2 answers. We used this to ask some simple questions about Digital leaders club and then to collect some data on pupils choices of crisp flavours. The pupils saw how we can edit the presentation and question type on the forms. The forms were then embedded and shared and pupils were able to access these on their own iPads to provide the answers. We then looked at how this information can be accessed and transferred into charts and graphs to represent the data collected.

If you have a Gmail account, have a go at creating your own Form and questionnaire!

iPad tip of the week; In Google search type “GOOGLE GRAVITY“, open the top search result and enjoy falling Google page!! Tip From Alfie.