The Digital leaders met again today after a brief break with lots of enthusiasm, excitement and interest.

This week we have begun to look at using our knowledge of controlling and programming devices, input and outputs and algorithms in order to create our own digital publications. Today we have started the process of creating our own APPS(applications) which can be downloaded and used on portable devices. As a group we accessed an on-line software (appmakr) and followed the easy on-line steps, we discussed how technology is advancing and how you can find an app for everything from banking and shopping to finding out what you will look like with blue hair!

We discussed the need for safety when on-line and reinforced the rules for E safety.

The children helped create the idea for the app and we received a QR code which we could read on our portable devices allowing us to access the App we had created. The Digital Leaders had lots of fun and are looking forward to designing their own Apps and in the future their own website pages.