Entrepreneur Angela Wilson at Milestone and Wilmington academiesimage1

Students at Milestone and Wilmington academies recently enjoyed a presentation by Angela Wilson, CEO of local business, Angela’s Swim School.

Angela related her journey from successful athlete to entrepreneur. As her web site states-

For as long as she can remember, Angela Wilson has been a keen swimmer. From her first lesson, she developed a love for the water and took to competitive swimming like a natural. By age 11, she was already Scottish National Champion, and by age 15, she was National Champion as well as holding the honour of being selected for the Olympics, not to mention competing in the European World and Commonwealth Games for Great Britain. For Angela, with her sheer talent and her love of swimming, it was only natural that she would quickly channel that passion into teaching others to swim. This led to the start of Angela’s Swim School!
image2Going into detail, Angela made it clear that her achievements have been as the result of dedication and hard work- a useful message to students.
Angela commented:
‘What an inspiring morning I had speaking at Milestone and Wilmington academies. I felt extremely privileged to have met such amazing students.’