There will a full site assessment commencing at 6am tomorrow with an ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’ message sent out (with any updated instructions) via KCC alert system  and our Website by 645 am.
Should we open I wish to stress the following points please:
1. For families or staff  it is with the greatest respect for your good selves to risk assess whether it is safe for you to travel to any of our sites . I am very aware that local conditions are immensely variable in their challenge.
2 Please note the connecting road between the roundabout and the school entrance has compacted snow (we have gritted it)  and quite understandably a number of parked cars from the local community – which may well still be there on the right hand side (as you enter site) in the morning .
3. As point 2 is likely to cause congestion can I please ask that all families who drive their sons/daughters in ARRIVE no earlier than 9.30 am and PICK UP at 2.30pm. All other pupils to arrive at normal times
4 Staff attending Milestone site are to follow normal start times please.
4 The organisation for pupils attending satellites is currently  are as follows :
– STAR  10am to 2:15pm;
– Milestone at The Leigh  9:30 am to 2:30pm
– Wilmington   9:45 am to 2 pm
We will be contacting KCC transport regarding these operating times
5 Staff will be contacted by Satellite Leaders regarding appropriate  local arrangements,
Please rest assured I have been party to a huge amount of site clearing work assiduously  undertaken today by Stuart ,John, Chris and Chris along with absolutely  tremendous help from a local farmer Mr Glover. All of this effort has allowed me to believe we can, if conditions favour  us, open tomorrow .
Update to follow in the morning ,
Kind regards
Nigel Jones