Milestone will definitely open one hour later for staff and pupils tomorrow Monday 5th march .

Having just returned from inspecting our site it is apparent the snow and ice has thawed remarkably quickly and I am pleased we will certainly be able to reopen Milestone and our satellites tomorrow as per plan communicated on Friday and which is still posted below

Whilst it would be tempting to now alter Friday’s plan and begin at our normal time, I have concluded that making such a decision would simply cause confusion for staff, families, pupils and especially our many transport companies.

In parallel this extra hour will enable the site team to conduct a thorough examination of the building following this unprecedented snow fall

I do understand this has been a frustrating time for one and all and I trust by the end of the day tomorrow we will back to normal!

Kind regards



Friday 2nd March update – Milestone Academy very much aims to re-open on Monday.

The Met Office is indeed forecasting that Sunday 4th March may bring a relative ‘thaw’ and perhaps some rain. If one/both of these events occurs I hope we can move forward with even more confidence with regards to opening on Monday.

So rather than simply ‘hoping’ these events on Sunday occur I wish to share the following plan with Families and Staff for Monday so that we have (irrespective of what occurs on Sunday) the strongest possible chance of opening :

  1. There will be a risk assessment conducted at 6am on Monday morning and final confirmation of our ‘OPEN’/’CLOSED’ status will be communicated by 6.45am Monday morning
  3. Hence ALL Pupils will start at 10am and I ask that Staff adjust their start times accordingly.
  4. Stuart Norris will now contact KCC Transport for pupils to this effect.
  5. The later start will allow all drivers to take time to risk assess their local conditions whilst giving us essential extra time to clear the site. The same personal risk assessment process applies to those who walk to and onto the site.
  6. Satellites’ will follow this start of the day timetable unless local conditions at our host Academies dictate otherwise. Any differing local arrangement would then be communicated to families and staff via the Satellite Director.
  7. The day on Monday for all pupils’ will then end as normal at 3pm for those on the Milestone Site and the relevant agreed normal end of day times for pupils will apply to all Satellites.
  8. Should any further significant information arise between now and Monday this website message will be updated accordingly.

I trust that having this information to-day will help families and staff to now plan ahead for Monday.

Thank you to families and staff for your co-operation and understanding throughout these challenging past few days weather wise.

Kind regards,
Nigel Jones