Rochester Trip by Esther Akinyemi

Hiya everyone!

The places we went to on Thursday were the charity shop, craft store, Rochester Cathedral and lastly we went to the Rochester Castle.

We went on a bus to Bluewater then to Strood. That’s when we all started asking if we were there yet then it started to snow.

So we got off the bus and went to the church. We had a tour by a really nice lady called Helen. She showed us around the church. Every place we went in the church she used me to demonstrate something, which made me so happy.

After the tour, we all went around to look at the places in the Cathedral we hadn’t been to. Then we also took pictures. After taking pictures we went near a heater to eat our lunch.

Captivating Cathedral Visit by Kane Aspland

On Thursday, I got to school and then me and my class walked towards the bus stop. At 9:27 I soon got onto the bus heading towards Bluewater Shopping Centre. I then got off at Bluewater and boarded the bus that was heading towards Rochester. When I arrived at Rochester, I had to walk in the freezing, cold snow towards the Cathedral.

I then arrived at Rochester Cathedral and I went on a tour with a woman named Helen.

After the tour, I had lunch and then joined up with my group to have a look around Rochester.

At 1:15, me and my group met up with the other groups and I took a bus heading towards Bluewater Shopping Centre. After coming off at Bluewater again, I soon got on a bus heading towards Princes Park just in time to go home.

I really enjoyed the trip because I got to do a sketch of an eagle lectern that they had in the cathedral which was my favourite part of the trip. My least favourite part was when some of the girls began to laugh non-stop, because it was driving me insane!