Students at Milestone at the Leigh were visited by Lord Colgrain the High Sheriff of Kent.  Lord Colgrain lives in Kent and is currently a peer in the House of Lords.  He has served on various rural committees since the start of his peerage in 2017.

Following a short tour of our Satellite, Lord Colgrain met students for coffee and a “meet and greet” session in our Common room.  Subjects ranging from football, education, Brexit, laws and pastimes were discussed enthusiastically.
Lord Colgrain delivered an insightful and interesting speech in the lecture theatre where he spoke about life as a Lord and the responsibilities of the House of Lords.  This was attended by all Milestone @ the Leigh students and the Leigh 6th form politics students.
Students worked hard to think of thought-provoking questions for our guest.  He was inundated by questions from both cohorts with our pupils asking about new laws, his High Sheriff role, his preferred cuisine and any changes he would personally make to current laws.  

Excitement and interest levels were high and the pupils were engaged throughout the visit.
We would like to thank Lord Colgrain for his informative talk and evoking such interest in the Parliamentary process.