By the start of day three, we had all very much settled into our hotel and routine. We got onto the slopes after our 20 minute gondola ride and began working in our Skiing groups with our three instructors, Gary, Alan and Steve. We have been learning to snow plough in order to brake and also learning how to turn.
In the evenings have we met up with three other special schools and had a disco as part of our Apres Ski programme. We also went Snow Tubing which was great fun. Here are some quotes from the students “Being able to control your speed on the hill is fantastic.” Zack
“I enjoyed dancing and meeting new people at the disco.” Chris
“I have two favourites. The disco and snow tubing which was really fun.” Alfie
“I have loved making new friends and Skiing in the red runs developing my skills.” Bethany
“I have enjoyed learning how to Ski and learning how to brake and go around corners.” Kane
“I must say the instructors who help you are very kind, I loved the disco, it was so fun!”