On Thursday 5th December four students from Milestone Academy and three students from M@DPA went to Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School in Rochester to participate in the LAT Swimming Gala. The pupils were excellently behaved both on the mini bus and whilst at the Swimming Gala and they supported and encouraged each other really well. They also were great spectators and they offered encouragement to pupils from the other schools whilst they took part in their swimming races. The seven students that  participated in swimming races in the shallow end of the pool and they were able to race against each other to complete widths of the pool. Also three students displayed excellent front crawl technique and they demonstrated that they were able to swim 25m from the deep end to the shallow end of the pool. Although some of the pupils were initially quite nervous about representing their school at the Swimming Gala, when they were at the pool those nerves seemed to disappear and they all swam really well and were excellent representatives for Milestone.