It is with much sadness that I share the news with you of the death of Eileen Flanagan, Head Teacher at Milestone School from 1987 to 2007. 


Eileen joined Milestone School, as it was known then, when it was based in a very small school building in Milestone Road, Dartford. At the time there were around 70 children on roll. With passion, determination and a huge amount of expertise Eileen led her staff and supported her pupils to become happy, successful and confident to take their place in society. 


Eileen Flanagan was known for her unparalleled knowledge of Special Educational Needs and her willingness to fight the cause of every young person in her care. She worked tirelessly to build Milestone into a school fit for the 21st century which would provide the very best opportunities for students and their families. She was renowned for her generosity to the families with the highest level of need and gave every child the very best start in life. 


Never one to pass up an opportunity to improve the outcomes of her pupils, Eileen convinced the Local Authority to move Milestone School from Dartford to the current building in New Ash Green in the late 1990s. This move meant the school could begin to expand and offer a more enriched curriculum, including the provision of a much needed hydrotherapy pool. 


Always determined to help those children with the highest level of need, it was Eileen’s vision to provide an integrated therapy and health service at Milestone and she was amongst the first special schools to employ their own speech and language therapist and school nurse. She also campaigned long and hard to bring our Hydrotherapy Pool to the New Ash Green site. 


Eileen touched many hundreds of lives in her time leading Milestone School and will be remembered by those who knew her with warmth and gratitude.