Dear parents and carers

I am writing to inform you of a confirmed case of Covid-19 in one of our administrative team that operate the reception area, which we were notified about this morning.  We believe that this transmission was external, from a family member. As an immediate precaution, all members of the administrative team that work with this person are now isolating for 14 days and the area has been deep cleaned.  As always in these situations, we have liaised with Public Health Kent and the Leigh Academies Trust to dynamically risk-assess the situation.

Despite this new staffing challenge, we have put temporary staff in to cover whilst some of the team who are well enough are working from home to aid our ongoing administrative efforts.  Together this will enable us to continue to deliver an administrative service to parents, families and our staff.
As you know, control measures are already in place in our Reception area:

  •  There is a perspex screen between staff and visitors
  • All visitors have been requested to wear masks and maintain a 2-metre distance
  • No more than two people are to enter the Reception area at any one time.

Hence, we do not have any current obvious concerns regarding visitors that have passed through this area.  However, should this information cause you to have any concerns, please use our email address ( to relay any issues to us, so we can respond to them.

I would like to kindly ask all parents, carers and family members to avoid discussing this case on social media or via Whatsapp groups as this can often create misinformation and increase anxiety unnecessarily. Please be assured that we will contact parents should any aspect of this situation change and, therefore, you can rely on the academy for any official news.

Thank you for your ongoing support, understanding and collaboration whilst we respond to these ever changing Covid-related circumstances.

Yours sincerely
Nigel Jones