Term 1 Newsletter

Message from the principal

Dear Families,

Welcome to our first newsletter of the 2020-21 academic year. May I start by thanking all parents and families for the understanding and collaborative manner you have worked with myself and colleagues as we have sought to reinvigorate the entire Milestone Academy Estate. Having to take in and apply vast amounts of bespoke Covid-19 related information whilst at the same time ensuring that your son/daughter saw September as the time one starts back to school again was, I am sure, a challenge for each and every parent and carer.

Thus, I want to send not only my deep thanks for your collaborative approach but also to say a huge ‘well done’ to all parents and families for the efforts you have made to ensure Milestone Academy went back to being in place as fully as possible in September. I mention this huge well done as I want parents and families to see the positive impact you have contributed to bringing Milestone back to life and if I could I would clap my hands loudly for and to you all.

With regards to the content of the newsletter, you can see that my colleagues and our pupils have been focusing on what we do best which is the delivery of personalised teaching and learning. You can see how the breadth of what has occurred is included both within and beyond class rooms.

A particular innovation that has caught our entire attention is our music teacher Jack’s development of ‘Milestone Radio’ broadcast to every class and office computer each Friday at 10:30am – please read Jack’s contribution in this newsletter. Jack, through this smart innovative development and use of our IT Google platform, connects the entire estate on a Friday (main and satellite sites), and pupils and staff can be seen and heard signing along to Jack’s wonderful guitar playing and singing.

Jack welcomes requests and to share with readers one of my musical likes, I suggested ‘Mr Blue Sky’ (Jeff Lynne – ELO) as one of the first songs to be played – but I can assure you I did not pull rank and dutifully took my place in the request queue whilst Jack sang other suggestions first! Finally, I am sure you will want me to thank Milestone’s excellent staff for all they have done for your son/daughter.

This has been quite a term; however, by us all continuing to work together we will, I am sure, meet these Covid challenges as I think we all know they will be with us for a while yet.

Do have a restful and safe Term 1 into 2 break. Kind regards

Nigel Jones Principal, Milestone Academy