Dear parents, carers and families

As promised, I am writing to you with an update, particularly with reference to my letter sent last Saturday 2nd January.

Having now had time to confer with my Senior Leadership Team, I wish to inform parents, carers and families that we will for at least the next four days until Friday 8th January, open Milestone Academy (including all satellites) for pupils of critical workers and those we deem to be most vulnerable.  We will be making direct individual contact with the relevant families later today.

Remote learning will occur for all other pupils commencing tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January.

Our Leigh Academies Trust (LAT) CEO, Simon Beamish and our Academies Director, Debbie Biggenden both fully support this decision.

By doing this, I am balancing the points I shared with you all in my letter on Saturday against my and our ongoing efforts to continue to make Milestone as safe as possible for staff and pupils.

In the meantime, can I thank parents and carers who responded so promptly to the questionnaire that was sent out last Saturday.  Furthermore, I have sent out a subsequent questionnaire today to help refine and plan for the rest of this week.  Please can you respond as quickly as possible today.

I will write to parents, carers and families at the end of this week (or earlier if events prompt me to do so) to then clarify how we will open Milestone Academy from Monday 11th January.  I can assure you that we will do all we can to bring back pupils in line with this date subject, of course, to events that may occur beyond my/our control.

I appreciate that this is an immensely challenging and frustrating time for parents, carers, families and pupils, as it is for my colleagues, and I would ask again for your continued understanding as we move into 2021.


Thank you.


Yours sincerely

Nigel Jones| Principal