Further to today’s closure due to the weather and conditions on the site grounds and surrounding roads, this afternoon myself, Janet Tidmas our Vice Principal, Terry Brock Assistant Principal and Stuart Norris our Business Manager visited the school to carry out a further joint full site assessment.  

Due to the amount of compacted snow and ice, both across the complete site and the surrounding roads, particularly the driveway from the roundabout into the main gate, the school will need to remain closed tomorrow Wednesday the 10th February.  This is compounded by the added risk that there is heavy snow expected both this evening and again early tomorrow morning possibly until lunchtime, with very low temperatures which will cause freezing.  This combination of factors has left me in no doubt that the site is simply too dangerous to access tomorrow. This decision has been fully supported by our LAT Academies Director, Debbie Biggenden, this evening. 

Stuart and his site team will be working tomorrow with external contractors to try to clear and make the site safe enough including the spur road between the roundabout and the main gate to try and pursue our planned staff training days on site this Thursday and Friday if at all possible, but again we could be defeated in this plan of action by our current weather

I am fully aware that tomorrow is the last day of term for pupils and this would not be the way any of us would wish to have finished, but our Milestone community’s health and safety must come first. 

A further letter will be sent to you regarding the arrangements for next term.  

In the meantime, may I wish everyone a safe half term across many different levels. 

 Yours sincerely,


Nigel Jones