Dear parents, carers and families

As we move through Term 6, I would like to start again by thanking everyone, including parents, staff and our pupils, where they are able to, for the collaborative approach that everyone has taken to working with us regarding applying all of the COVID rules.

As you know, I wrote to you following the last announcement from the Prime Minister on 10th May 2021, explaining my reasoning for keeping our COVID mitigation measures in place including mask wearing across our estate, including all satellites.

The latest Government announcement last Monday 14th June delayed the unlocking procedures by four weeks and, as a result, the Department of Education (DFE) have not issued any new guidance to date for schools, but we are to continue following the procedures already in place.

As it stands, I have, therefore, taken the decision to keep our procedures as they were for the rest of this term.  I am again asking all parents, carers and families who attend any site to please keep following our current procedures, including mask wearing (unless you are exempt) and keeping to social distancing protocols.  Staff and students (where they wish and are able to) will continue to wear masks in communal areas of the academy.

Any pupils displaying symptoms of COVID should not be sent into school, a PCR test should be sought and they should isolate for the appropriate period of time.  Any pupils who display symptoms whilst at school will be removed to an area of isolation immediately and will need to be collected promptly.

More information on symptoms, local PCR testing, isolation periods can be found on the NHS website.

I can confirm that we have had a couple of recent COVID cases within our school community, but thankfully due to our procedures we have not had to close any bubbles although, of course, we will not hesitate to do so if this is required.  We are constantly monitoring local numbers of cases and are aware that this has had some impact on other local schools, both within and beyond LAT academies.

We are reviewing any planned events for this term which families may have already been invited to attend, and will keep individual phases / classes informed of any changes.

Finally, I would urge all parents, carers and families who are able to, to continue the process of their son / daughter carrying out their twice weekly tests using the free lateral flow test kits that the school can supply.  If you are not already receiving these and would like to, please email

Thank you again for your cooperation and support in continuing to follow all the Leigh Academies Trust and Milestone Academy COVID-19 safety measures, to help us all to feel safer and more secure and confident whilst in the academy.  We will continue to review our risk assessment against any updated local data or national guidance.


Yours faithfully

Nigel Jones | Principal