Phase 2 Parent/Carer Coffee Morning

A cup of Coffee is seen sitting on a saucer on a table, alongside some cakes.

On Tuesday 7th March, Phase 2 held their first parent and carer coffee morning of the year. It was a fantastic opportunity for parents to come together and connect with one another, discussing the successes and challenges they have encountered whilst raising children with additional needs. It was a hugely worthwhile event with parents and carers able to recommend and signpost schemes and resources that have been successful for them and their families. In addition to this, Katy Morez, the Phase 2 behaviour lead provided some resources and information on the six stages of play and how the children’s play characteristics can be developed in school and at home. We are planning on holding another coffee morning in the near future with the focus being on puberty and how families can support their young person with these changes at home.