Careers Education: Skills 360 Reverse Interviews Event

A girl in PE uniform throwing a tennis ball over the net on a tennis court

On Wednesday, Milestone Academy students attended a “reverse interviews” event hosted at Rowhill School by the Careers and Enterprise Company. Jenna Wells, our Enterprise Advisor, and Charlie Steggles, our Enterprise Coordinator, formed part of a great team that brought together 15 local employers so that our students could talk to them, ask questions about their organisations, and practice their own interview skills.

You can read an article written by one of our students by visiting our Transition & Careers: Students page, or by reading below:

Careers Event

On Tuesday I went to a careers event and met a lot of employers from different jobs that specialise in different things.

The things I’ve learned are how the employers got their jobs and how long they have worked there for and what their job is and what their job is about.

And also I’ve learned that the civil servant had to sign this secret contract to join her job and not talk about her job.

I also learned from the lady from The National Trust that there are different roles and if the deers have escaped and how long the building has been there and how many visitors she gets.

This safety manager I talked to a man that went around to different building sites to check if the building site is safe and tidy and a safe environment to work in.

A lady from the NHS is part of a charity that helps poor children raise money for them to get better and get equipment for surgeons to do surgery.

I met Ben from the Learning shop he Teaches people or young people how the working life works and the rules of the working life and the job that Ben does where he sorts or tells people that the computer is broken and they have to fix it.He is basically a manager.

I also met a man from Morrisons. He works in the sorting factory that sorts out sending out the items to the shop so if there is none of the certain stock he sends it to the shops to restock the shelves.

This lady works in a cafe in London that helps disabled people get into the life of work and communicate with the public and get set up for life.