Milestone at Leigh celebrate the King’s Coronation

A photo of two pupils celebrating the King's Coronation in May 2023, posing for the camera in a decorative frame to mark the occasion.

Milestone at Leigh students had two fantastic opportunities to celebrate the King’s Coronation. In the week prior to the coronation, classes divided the preparation workload to plan a variety of activities, menus, and to make decorations. When we celebrated on Wednesday 10 May, the weather was great and we were able to have activities both indoors and outdoors!

Students wrote the rules and made posters for their own version of classic garden games – but with a Coronation spin! Activities included: CROWN football (students scored a letter of the word ‘crown’ for every goal they scored’); Egg and Spoon Race (blue team v red team); Pin the Nose on the King (students even made a King’s face mask to use as a blindfold); and Coronation Musical Chairs.

Students made Coronation Chicken and decorated gingerbread figures to make their own King figures and some even took to making them into orbs!

The following day, students were also invited to take part in the celebrations with the Leigh Academy! They enjoyed ice cream, played on some inflatable games, and enjoyed the carnival atmosphere. We are very grateful to our host school for letting us celebrate with them!