‘Share & Learn Afternoon’ in Penguin & Flamingo Classes

Students, parents and staff are seen interacting with one another in the classroom during a 'Share & Learn' afternoon at Milestone Academy.

On Friday 12th May, Penguin and Flamingo Classes had a ‘Share and Learn afternoon’. It was unusual to lead a mass Handypac session with so many people but all parents got involved and were keen to understand the benefits of sessions such as TACPAC/ Handypac for our pupils. We also had more parents arrive than we were expecting which was lovely!

Feedback from both parents and staff so far has been very positive, with many feeling the pupils and parents got far more from this session than they would have at a traditional class assembly. Allowing the children to have a snack time at the end of the session also gave parents and staff the opportunity to chat and get to know one another which was a nice way to round out the afternoon with parents having the chance to ask questions about their child’s learning.

Lisa Surry
Penguin Class Teacher

A group of students are shown having lunch together at a dinner table, under the supervision of staff and parents.