Field to Fork Inquiry Day

Three students, two boys and a girl, are pictured using soil to fill some plant pots on a table in a corridor of the academy building.

On Friday 26th May, Phase 2 took part in their fifth successful inquiry day of this academic year. The morning was planned around the terms transdisciplinary theme ‘How the world works’ with classes each providing a sensory tuff tray or activity based around farming and how our food travels to our plates. It was a wonderful inclusion opportunity with students from all pathways joining together to explore and engage with the activities. Students dug and washed potatoes, created fruit and vegetable prints, made fruit kebabs and fresh orange juice, painted using rakes and engaged their senses to explore sensory trays.

A young female pupil is pictured playing with a toy tractor at a desk with various vegetables spread across the table, imitating a farm scene. A female member of staff is seen supervising her as she plays.
An older male pupil is pictured helping a younger female pupil in a wheelchair to create some artwork using paints.
A young pupil is pictured playing with a toy farm set on a desk in front of him, whilst under the supervision of a member of staff.
Three young pupils are pictured stood around a circular blue table, using craft materials and paint to create some artwork.
A young boy can be seen smiling at the camera, whilst sitting in his wheelchair in a corridor in the academy building.