European Day of Languages – 26th September

A female student is pictured smiling, whilst presenting to a class. She is seen pointing to the United Kingdom on a map of the world.

We are delighted to share the wonderful moments from our celebration of the European Day of Languages at Milestone Academy.  As we actively pursue our goal of becoming an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, this event marked a significant step in embracing cultural diversity and encouraging multilingualism. Our students and dedicated staff enthusiastically participated in a variety of activities that not only celebrated the linguistic richness of Europe but also aligned with the values of the IB program. This inclusive celebration reflects our commitment to providing a holistic and internationally-minded education, laying the foundation for a future where our students are culturally aware global citizens.

A male student is pictured having a snack during a break from working.
A female student is pictured sat on the grass with her back against a wall, looking at a sheet of paper with the flags from different countries around the world on it.
A male student is pictured snacking, whilst sat at his desk waiting to learn.
Two young, male students are pictured sat in their seats, paying attention to the front of the class.
A young girl is pictured sat at a table, looking closely at a model of the Eiffel Tower being held by a member of staff.