Kent Life

Staff and parents are pictured posing for a photo together, alongside students in wheelchairs during a trip to Kent Life Farm Park in Maidstone, Kent.

Coast class had a fabulous trip to Kent life. We shared a highly adapted workshop making our own herbed flatbread. We focused on our sight, touch, smell and taste senses and thoroughly enjoyed all of the fragrant ingredients. We explored how flour was made and had a go at grinding our own flour. This really challenged our fine motor skills and created a sense of competition which was fun. We worked on our communication and cognition targets to select a range of fresh herbs and spices to include in our bake. We loved the messy part of the activity of mixing the dough together. After our workshop we then had a brilliant tractor ride around the farm looking at all of the different wildlife. Our favourite animals at the pet corner to interact with were the goats as they kept standing up and making funny noises.

A young boy is seen making his own herb flatbread whilst on a trip to Kent Life Farm Park in Maidstone, Kent.
A young girl is seen looking at a baby Goat through a barrier at Kent Life Farm Park in Maidstone, Kent.