‘The Frogspawn Diaries’ by George & Kirsty

A photo of a pond with some groups of Frogspawn visible on the surface.

On Friday 23rd February, we found frogspawn in the pond. Frogspawn is laid on shallow shelf areas as lumps about the size of a tennis ball. Frogs need to lay spawn in water so the tadpoles can swim when they hatch. Sometimes frogs eat their own frogspawn and it can be eaten by other bugs in the pond. At the moment our frogspawn looks like small bubbles but in one big lump. You can see black dots which are the tadpoles. We will keep you updated via a video diary as the frogspawn changes.

Written by George & Kirsty

A photo of a group of Frogspawn floating together on the surface of a pond.