Allocation: £35,242

Intended Outcomes:

The overall intention of the action plan below is to ensure that all pupils feel safe, happy and are ready to learn each day despite uncertainty relating to COVID. Pupils will achieve the targets set in the APA around pupil outcomes and attendance because the targets in the action plan have been achieved.

Specific Outcomes:

  • To close gaps in learning as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, with a particular focus on those pupils who are LAC and based at the satellites (Yrs 1-11) and PMLD pupils.
  • Pupils to achieve expected outcomes in line with targets set in the APA.
  • To provide an outstanding Quality of Education which engages pupils and raises aspirations


InterventionPurposeTarget Pupils and Barriers to LearningCostImpact
Implementation of the Digital Strategy through provision of Devices for blended learning for Secondary pupils and those in Years 5 & 6 where such a device is appropriateTo give all pupils required skills to become successful digital citizens.
To ensure pupils are able to access and progress in the learning from anywhere, digitally
Waterfall Pathway pupils and secondary River Pathway pupils
Pupils need to be taught how to use devices to access online learning with some independence
£4878Devices ordered through the LAT preferred supplier but not received yet as no stock. Impact will be updated during the next academic year.

SMILE room resources to enable pupils to self regulate appropriatelyTo give pupils access to age and stage appropriate resources to enable them to manage their own behaviour through self regulation activitiesStream Pathway pupils and those with specific SMILE activities on their Behaviour Support Plans£1591171% identified pupils achieved their Sensory and Physical EHCP Target and 58% achieved their Progress 7 target
Implementation of transdisciplinary themed texts to support cross-curriculum learningTo give all pupils access to high quality texts to support learning within the termly transdisciplinary themeWaterfall and River Pathway pupils across all phases. Texts to be accessible on Google Classroom as appropriate£205063% LAC pupils, 69% satellite pupils and 76% PMLD pupils made expected or above progress which was higher than other vulnerable groups for all identified pupils.
Sensory resources to support learning related to personalised outcomes as part of EHC PlanTo give PMLD and High Needs/Sensory pupils access to resourcesBrook and Stream Pathway pupils across all phases. Resources will enable pupils to access personalised learning both in school and at home£286196% PMLD pupils and 72% High Needs ASD pupils achieved their Cognition & Learning EHCP target and 96% PMLD and 63% High Needs ASD pupils achieved their Physical & Sensory provision plan targets
Additional Rockstars and Numbots usersTo give all pupils able to access the software access to support learning both at school and at homeWaterfall and River Pathway pupils across all phases. Pupils will be taught how to use the software and challenge themselves and each other, developing mental mathematics skills£24153% satellite pupils made expected or above progress
TT Education Licence - School Improvement ClubTo ensure all staff have a solid knowledge of all areas of the curriculum they teach. It will support the development of teachers’ knowledge and understanding of foundation subjects and wider pedagogical issues. All pupils will benefit as teachers will have a breath of curriculum to be delivered confidently and consistently. With good subject knowledge opportunities for writing and cross curricular learning can be further explored. £3325Pupils made good progress in foundation subjects across the curriculum
IT Equipment to develop living skillsTo give pupils the opportunity to record their progress digitally to use to support positive accreditation outcomesWaterfall and River 6th Form pupils will benefit from having access to a camcorder and Ipods to record learning activities and reflect on own learning of new skills£1071All pupils who submitted external coursework including Entry Level 3 and Level 1 BTECs were successful with a 100% pass rate
Introduction of group sessions to support teamwork, problem solving, outside ‘adventure’ and fun!To give pupils the opportunity to rebuild and further develop student’s wellbeing, Social, Emotional and Physical development.All pupils will benefit from structured learning, but also fun sessions outdoors if possible to support communication, teamwork, confidence and risk taking£543473% pupils achieved their personalised SEMH provision plan targets
Total planned spend:£35,771