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Student Voice


Milestone Academy has two School Councils, one with representatives from Key Stage 2, and one with representatives from the Secondary and the Further Education Departments. The council members meet at least once a term to discuss current issues and talk about future projects. The council members, one from each class, are elected by their class mates to be their representatives. The Secondary and FE School Council meetings are also attended by a School Governor, Ron Churchward, who provides support and guidance to the representatives.

Minutes from these meetings are written using the ‘Communicate in Print’ programme. A copy of these minutes is then given to the school council members from each class to inform all pupils about what had been discussed and any decisions which had been made. Minutes are also available in reception for visitors to the school to see.

Class representatives are encouraged to discuss ideas with their class prior to a meeting and bring feedback with them to the meeting.

This year some of the decisions made by the school council have been about how to effectively spend some money to benefit the students. The students representing the Secondary and FE School Council have looked at equipment that they would like to be included in the planned adventure playground and have invited the school Outdoor Space coordinator to the meeting to discuss their ideas. The Secondary and FE members are also planning a ‘Bring and Buy Sale’ during term 5 to raise some funds for outdoor play equipment.

The Primary School Council was formed in September 2009 and is made up of 6 nominated students, one from each class in the junior department.  They are led by a senior teaching assistant and a class teacher. The council meets once a term and guests are invited to support or provide information and answer questions.

The representatives feed back important issues and questions raised in classes using preferred methods of communication. They also work together on relevant projects such as a recent eco initiative to save electricity within the school. The council members play an important role in communicating their work with their peers and they are encouraged to share information, ask questions and collect opinions using a variety of methods of communication.