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App Maker

By |2016-07-07T08:23:03+01:0012/03/2016|

The Digital leaders met again today after a brief break with lots of enthusiasm, excitement and interest. This [...]

Safer Internet Day

By |2016-04-11T10:58:42+01:0009/02/2016|

Milestone Academy have been recognizing everything good about the Internet by celebrating Safer Internet Day today Tuesday 9th February [...]


By |2016-04-11T11:08:58+01:0030/04/2015|

So today's computing club was a real treat for the Digital Leaders as we were joined by Stuart Norris [...]


By |2016-04-11T11:11:40+01:0017/03/2015|

Today we have been using a coding app called Kodable, a free download from the App Store, we [...]

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