Design & Technology

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At Milestone Academy we see Design & Technology as opportunities for all pupils to explore the world around them. It is a vehicle for our pupils to express themselves, communicate, ignite their creativity and their imagination. Across all Pathways and Phases, our pupils will have rich, well-rounded and memorable experiences that teach skills that are transferable into their future lives and careers. 

The curriculum at Milestone Academy in all areas of Design & Technology draws upon the learning goals from the National Curriculum, which are continually adapted to meet the needs of individual pupils. In addition, our intention is to make clear links to the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate, drawing on the strengths of transdisciplinary learning, enabling students to make connections with the world around them through their artistic and creative endeavours. 

Design technology is a different avenue for pupils to develop core skills like communication by describing likes and dislikes or giving an opinion and evaluating work. It is also linked directly to gains in maths, writing, reading and other subjects. 


At Milestone Academy, we intend to make sure that Design Technology is inspiring, practical and meaningful for all pupils. The subject is differentiated throughout our phases and pathways to ensure that pupils have a memorable and relevant learning experience, tailored to their abilities. All pupils will experience the two strands – design and making and food and nutrition. In the Waterfall pathway, the students will have access to a variety of tools and equipment in order to design their own meaningful products that will solve relevant and real problems (M@L have access to The Leigh Academy’s DT rooms and equipment). Throughout all pathways, pupils will learn and build on a range of practical and technical skills, testing their ideas and critiquing and evaluating both their own products and the work of others. Topics are cross-curricular and support a broad range of subject knowledge, drawing on disciplines such as mathematics, science, computing and art.