Talk about the things around you. When cooking, comment on what you’re doing, label the equipment. Take photos to talk about what you did later! On your daily walk comment on what you can see, look out for things with a different colour each day.

Play Games

Games of any sort encourages social skills, talk about the rules and practice turn taking. Allow your child to use language to explain the rules to you.


Enjoy time together, talk about the pictures and what you can see. For older children talk about how it makes you feel and give it a star rating out of 5!


Involve your child in daily routines such as cooking, laundry, making beds, tidying up, unpacking shopping, choosing meals.

Offer choices around daily routines e.g. “shall we call Grandma or auntie first?”, or do you want to use crayons or felt tips?

Sensory Activities

Use everyday items, and sensory toys:

  • shine different coloured lights around slowly to help your child follow them
  • use different textures for your child to explore such as tinfoil, lentils, sand, foam, jelly, water
  • make loud and quiet sounds with a wooden spoon and saucepan


  • Drawing and painting are good opportunities for talking about colours.
  • Play shops using items around the home.
  • Take turns to be shopkeeper and customer.
  • Have a picnic. List and prepare everything you need.
  • Play with dolls and teddies. Wash face, hands, feet, feed them, get them ready for bed, take them on an adventure.
  • Build a junk tower.

Can you find?

Ask your child to find different objects around the house e.g. colours “find something blue”, size “find somethings small/big, clothing “something you can wear” / “something you wear on your head”. When you feel your child is ready, try and use these together e.g. “find something blue and small.”