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The Dance Curriculum offers opportunities for all pupils to participate in activities that develop health and fitness through increasing their creative dance skills, building character through evaluating, succeeding and excelling in personal achievements, whilst promoting British Values such as fairness and respect within the wider group. 

Statement of Intent

It is the intention to deliver an enjoyable, exciting and meaningful curriculum, accessible to every student, which will stretch pupils and enrich their lives both in and out of school and continue into adulthood.  Health and fitness will be developed in a safe and supportive environment where success is achievable and every contribution is valued and considered.


Dance is delivered in separate phases and differentiated through specialised curriculums for Brook, River, Stream and Waterfall, which are currently being reviewed.  At present Dance is taught by class teams in Early Years and some Phase One groups and by the specialist teacher in Phases One, Two, Three and Four. This is on a rolling programme which revisits dance concepts but builds on concepts previously experienced.  Work is carefully differentiated through exploring appropriate dance skills and topics, with realistic but challenging expectations in individual lessons. Students in Phase Three and Four have opportunities to work towards accreditation in collaboration with other subjects within the Arts faculty through the Discover, Explore and Bronze Arts Awards