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Music is huge a part of the culture here at Milestone. It allows our students to engage and learn through their enjoyment of the subject. We are well equipped with drums, djembes, guitars, keyboards, along with a large variety of other percussion and toned instruments.

There is something for everyone in music. Some classes enjoy being taught how to play melodies on the keyboard and xylophone. In these lesson pupils are taught how to read basic musical score. Other classes enjoy sensory stories which involve pupil interaction on instruments to resemble the different characters that appear.  This year a big focus in music is creativity. The foundation of music is always to gather an emotional response of any kind. Throughout the year we will be exploring a huge variety of musical genres and creative processes, from playing along to music, to analysing and reflecting and then on to song writing itself to give our students a real sense of ownership over something they have created.   

Sensory focused lessons enthral and bring awe and wonderment to learning for our sensory and PMLD classes. We have a variety of specialist instruments that change in pitch when moved, touched or squeezed. We also have light-up, sound sensitive apparatus that change in colour, size and shape when a noise is made. 1:1 music sessions and 1:1 tuition on the drums, keyboard and guitar are also provided for our learners.

If you’re a parent or carer of one of the pupils at Milestone Academy, and you’ve ever heard your child singing “Ay Oh Captain Jack” or “We’re going this way, that way, portside starboard over the deep blue sea”, our sincerest apologies. Music assemblies are a big part of the week for our students here at Milestone and we enjoy singing songs everyone can join in on!

In Years 10 and 11, pupils study Arts award which involves the study and development of skills on a classroom instrument of the student’s choice. In sixth form, everyone has a music session within an Arts Carousel with Art and Dance.