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Science at Milestone Academy

Through teaching science we aim to provide our pupils with the foundations to understand the world around them and to develop functional skills for their individual developmental stage. At Milestone Academy, science is about enabling our pupils to experience and observe the natural and humanly-constructed world using the National Curriculum as a basis of Transdisciplinary Themes and Unit Cycles. Students should be encouraged to be curious, manipulate, participate and ask questions about what they notice and observe. They should be helped to develop their understanding of scientific ideas by using different types of enquiry to answer their own questions through actions and communication through the individual’s preferred mode. Exploration is a vital part of pupil’s learning and the teaching and learning of science should be supported through the use of firsthand practical experiences whenever possible for consolidation and to aid the long term retention of the learning of skills and knowledge. In the EYFS and Phase 1 science is not taught as a specific subject in all classes but is a key part of the Knowledge and Understanding of the World area of the curriculum. It is also integral to many areas of daily exploration, learning and play. Alongside specific scientific knowledge and vocabulary pupils will develop the concept of ‘working scientifically’ appropriate to their developmental stage.

The Transdisciplinary Themes and Unit coverage of the National Curriculum has been carefully sequenced across the school as a 3-year rolling programme to provide a broad and balanced curriculum with a real focus on working scientifically and flow of progression.

Milestone Academy follows the KSENT Science progression of skills and understanding in all strands of science. It covers the National Curriculum planning from Level K1i to K9 and from NC Level/Stage/Year 1 to Level/Stage/Year 5+. It is a model curriculum and progression pathway that covers all of the appropriate ages, stages and phases of our students. It covers the primary and secondary areas of science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as Scientific Thinking – Scientific Attitudes, Experimental Skills & Investigation and Analysis & Evaluation.

What are we working towards within working scientifically?

At Milestone Academy we strive for all students to be Scientific Thinkers no matter what level they are progressing at or where they started from. The key to this is motivating, encouraging and providing opportunities for Experiencing, Observing, Questioning or Action depending on ability, having an idea of Hypothesis, Predicting, Testing and then using the test or experience to enhance how they do something or influence other predictions.

Indiscrete Science is taking place within Milestone Academy every day to the ability of the individual. The Science Pathways are explored, questioned and developed using daily activities such as Cooking and Nutrition, breakfast when students state or enquire what has happened to the bread or butter, experiencing and discussing the weather and even discussion on how much liquid is left in a cup. Daily incidental enquiry within lessons, activities and conversations promotes consolidation over time of key Scientific Thinking that is appropriate to the individual learner.