Teaching children about online safety (e-safety) is extremely important and is a large part of child protection and safeguarding, especially considering the technology that is available to our students both in school and outside of school.

Due to the needs of our pupils at Milestone Academy, each class personalises the way that E-safety is taught to help develop their pupil’s understanding of the topic. 

The school works in partnership with the Leigh Academies Trust to ensure that all staff participate in safeguarding training at the beginning of each academic year which includes e-safety. As a school, we also offer e-safety workshops twice a year where we invite parents into the school to talk about any difficulties they have at home around e-safety and we give any advice and support that we can offer.

Should you have any concerns regarding what your child is accessing online please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Goosani (DSL) or Dee Pickerill (Deputy DSL)

Below are a series of documents and resources that you may find helpful when supporting your child with how to keep themselves and others safe online.

Report online abuse or concerns to CEOP

If you have any questions about ICT & Online Safety please do not hesitate to contact me directly,


Many Thanks,

Faye Downing | ICT Lead