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  • Transdisciplinary themes are followed in the same pattern as River to allow for inclusion opportunities
  • PE may be taught through Aqua learn and Rebound Therapy
  • Specialist lessons are accessed which include art, music, science and dance
  • The whole phase community-based and offers co-curricular activities

The Curriculum is delivered in a personalised way; all pupils follow and Individual learning plan and targets are set according to the individual areas of difficulty from the following areas, as well as from personal provision plans

Subjects taught

  • Self help
  • Social Skill
  • Science
  • Maths – number
  • Maths – geometry
  • Maths –measurement
  • English – reading
  • English – writing
  • English – communication – expressive
  • English – communication – receptive
  • Physical – motor skill
  • Functional – Citizenship

Group lessons taught with links to Phase curriculum Independence skills – through personal care, hand washing, carrying dinner, making choices, showing preferences

  • Collaborative planning approach between classes that is reviewed termly with a focus on the current cohort’s abilities and interests, as well as in line with current affairs
  • Discrete learning objectives for functional skills are developed to include career aspirations
  • The Curriculum incorporates 6 ways to wellbeing
  • Pupils have access to lunchtime clubs, Scouts, inter-sport competitions (as well as external competitions between other schools), and external coaching is available
  • Pupils are taught the following specialist lessons: art, PE, dance and music

Transdisciplinary themes

Year 1 Cycle

  • Term 1 – Living Together – Our Community
  • Term 2 – Express Yourself
  • Term 3 – Early Civilisation
  • Term 4 – Explorers and Adventures
  • Term 5 – What’s On the Menu
  • Term 6 –  Active World

Year 2 Cycle 

  • Term 1 – In the News
  • Term 2 –  Let’s Celebrate
  • Term 3 – The Time Tunnel
  • Term 4 – Going Global
  • Term 5 – Heroes and Villains
  • Term 6 – Beyond our World – Space

Year 3 Cycle (Current 2021-22)

  • Term 1 – Mighty Me
  • Term 2 – Celebrity Culture
  • Term 3 – Treasure
  • Term 4 – Saving the World
  • Term 5 – Interesting Inventions
  • Term 6 – Wonderful World

Milestone at the Leigh Academy

Milestone @ the Leigh aims to provide a rich learning experience, underpinned by the values of independence, curiosity, self-confidence and community engagement. Students who attend the M@L satellite are expected to encounter challenges, and with increasing levels of self-sufficiency, overcome those challenges. We strive to provide a personalised, individualised experience for our students, where they can confidently help direct how and what they learn. We want students to understand how they are connected with the world around them. Working with our partners in The Leigh Academy, we feel confident that a broad range of social and academic learning opportunities are available to us, and that we should make every effort to make the most of them. Our location within the community allows us opportunities to develop functional life skills in practical settings.

  • The Satellite provides a knowledge and skills-based curriculum, that involves a collaborative planning approach from our colleagues at peers in the Leigh Academy.
  • Our curriculum is enriched through a variety of subjects, which wherever possible reflect student priorities. These include: Maths, English, Religious Education, Humanities (History and Geography), Science, Computing, Physical Education and the Arts, as well as Community Integration, Active Citizenship and Personal, Social and Health Education. 

The curriculum is informed by the National Curriculum, and skills extracted from the appropriate level. Where possible, content and themes are derived from the Curriculum for Key Stages 3 and 4. All areas to the curriculum are taught discretely but through an overarching theme each term:

  • Change
  • Self-esteem/Wellbeing
  • Adventure
  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Where appropriate, pupils are encouraged to sit exams in order to achieve Entry Level Certificates in (Levels 1 – 3). There is no “one size fits all” summative assessment of learning; some students may be ready to take exams earlier than others. 
  • Pupils are able to take accredited courses such as Introduction to Horticulture to gain an externally recognised qualification.
  • All pupils benefit from inclusive opportunities and the specialist facilities of a mainstream secondary school.
  • Bespoke inclusion pathways are planned for individual pupils and all pupils take part in travel training and functional skills within the community.
  • Pupils have the opportunity for community engagement through productions, cross academy sports and athletics competitions, and Intra-Trust spelling competitions. Pupils are invited to take part in the full life of our partner school: the Leigh Academy. 
  • We place a high emphasis on personal and independence skills, including safety in the community, through the use of community services.
  • We recognise that e-safety is an increasingly important factor in our students’ lives and our curriculum helps them to get ready for challenges they may face online