Phase 3

Phase 3



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Phase 3 at Milestone Academy is currently made up of 92 students across two sites. Students from year groups 6 – 11 are in Phase 3 with six classes on the main site at New Ash Green and three satellite classes at Milestone@ The Leigh Academy.

Within Phase 3 at Milestone Academy we aim to celebrate every achievement, however small, and help our students to overcome any barriers to their learning. We are a learning community where everyone, both students and staff, are valued for the unique contribution they bring to school life.

Our aims:

  • To ensure each student uses a preferred method of communication to interact with others including peers, family members and the community
  • To increase levels of self confidence and self esteem
  • To be able to make safe decisions and choices
  • To develop functional skills in mathematics, English and computing skills
  • To develop resilience and cope with change in their daily lives
  • To develop personal organisation and independence skills.
  • To prepare students for adult life including work related skills, life skills and vocational opportunities

The students are grouped into classes which are largely organised according to ability groupings and meeting individual learning needs. This means the students receive a differentiated National Curriculum delivered at a pace that is appropriate for them, with one class for students with profound and multiple learning difficulties and one class for those that follow a high needs approach in order to deliver highly personalised and individualised curriculums.

The classes on the main site are:







The classes at Milestone@The Leigh Academy are:




Students in Phase 3 study all subjects that make up the National Curriculum but these are differentiated and broken down into very small manageable steps, ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum. Class teachers teach the majority of subjects, but specialist teachers teach Music, Art & Design, Dance and Physical Education. Some students, where appropriate, may also study a Modern Foreign Language. Students are offered a flexible, skills-focused curriculum ensuring that they are gaining, developing and mastering essential academic and life skills which are brought to life through engaging topics and content. Students are given as much choice as possible in their timetable, with options such as Science, Computing, Humanities and the arts all available.

Students from Year 9 onwards are engaged in a range of functional and work related learning opportunities, including access to the local community to generalise skills where appropriate. Milestone Academy has a well-developed horticultural area equipped with poly tunnels that provide an exemplary outdoor learning environment for work related learning opportunities and nationally accredited qualifications if appropriate. Students may also sit Entry Level 1, 2 or 3 Certificate examinations towards the end of Phase 3 if appropriate, and work towards gaining an Arts Award from The Arts Council. Where possible, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and the students’ Provision Plans reflect the importance of the four areas of need from Section B of their Education, Health and Care Plan; Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Physical and Sensory and Social, Emotional and Mental Health.

For Milestone@ The Leigh Academy, the location within the Leigh Academy means the students can access the range of services and opportunities that are on their doorstep. These include access to the local transport services, shops and establishments in Dartford and beyond, as well as academic opportunities with our partner academy. Classes are encouraged to spend at least one morning per week out in the community, exploring such concepts as public transport, navigation, road safety, and personal independence.

Phase 3 at Milestone Academy is a dynamic learning community which values every individual and aims to develop the potential of everyone. If you are interested in looking around the department please do not hesitate to contact me.


Janet Tidmas – Assistant Principal Phase 3 (Interim- covering Lucie Featherstone’s maternity leave)