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Curriculum Intent

Within Phase 3 at Milestone Academy we educate students ranging from Year groups 7-11. We have 7 classes based on our mainsite, and a further 3 classes of students based in our Satellite provision at Leigh Academy.

The Phase 3 curriculum for classes on the main site encompasses three learning pathways; Brook, Stream and River, allowing for each student to access a curriculum which meets their holistic learning needs. In Phase 3, every moment in school is considered to be a learning opportunity. All three pathways follow a three-year rolling program, with six topics per year, each with an overarching transdisciplinary theme. The topics have been created in collaboration with families, staff and students, with the aim to provide appropriate, engaging and relevant vehicles for learning. The topics are differentiated for each learning pathway, yet allow collaboration and inclusion across the Phase.

The aim of the curriculum is to build upon the foundations created in Phase 1 and 2, or previous primary provisions, and continue to develop student’s skills and knowledge in preparation for the next steps in their education as they approach adulthood. As students enter the secondary phase of their education, emphasis on independence and functional skills becomes paramount as we aspire for our students to leave Milestone Academy as confident, successful and resilient, life-long learners, able to make a positive contribution to their community in modern Britain.

To complement our curriculum, the co-curriculum provide opportunities to generalise skills and further develop communication, cognitive, personal and social skills. These opportunities include lunch time clubs, Scouts and regular community participation.

The classes at Milestone @ the Leigh follow the Waterfall learning pathway and aims to provide a rich learning experience, underpinned by the values of independence, curiosity, self-confidence and community engagement. Pupils who attend the M@L satellite are expected to encounter challenges, and with increasing levels of self-sufficiency, overcome those challenges. We strive to provide a personalised, individualised experience for our pupils, where they can confidently help direct how and what they learn. We want pupils to understand how they are connected with the world around them.

Our curriculum is enriched through a variety of subjects, which wherever possible reflect student priorities. These include: Maths, English, Religious Education, Humanities (History and Geography), Science, Computing, Physical Education and the Arts, as well as Community Integration, Active Citizenship and Personal, Social and Health Education. The curriculum is informed by the National Curriculum, and skills extracted from the appropriate level. Where possible, content and themes are derived from the Curriculum for Key Stages 3 and 4. All areas of the curriculum are taught discretely but through an overarching theme each term.