Speech & Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy


The Speech and Language Therapy Team works collaboratively with teaching staff and parents. Milestone Academy has a communication policy which ensures that it is everybody’s responsibility to meet the speech, language and communication needs of the children. Speech and Language Therapy is fully integrated into the curriculum. The school aims to:

  • support understanding of spoken language
  • support and develop communication to the best of individual children’s abilities
  • enable all children to develop functional communication skills for life

Speech and language therapy intervention may involve both direct and indirect therapy. This includes working in the classroom and helping teaching staff to create an optimal communication environment that promotes and encourages functional communication. Speech and language therapy is able to make visual support and communication resources for use at home. Parents are encouraged to contact the team to discuss what is needed.

Speech and language therapy is involved in…

  • The Behaviour Support Group – a multi-agency programme helping parents to manage behaviour at home.
  • The Feeding Team – multi-disciplinary working to ensure safe eating and drinking.
  • User’s Views – pupils, parents and staff working together to influence speech and language therapy provision in school
  • EarlyBird – a National Autistic Society Parent Programme.


Training staff in understanding and supporting speech, language and communication difficulties is a high priority for the academy. The following training is provided:

  • Induction for new staff
  • Language Acquisition and Development
  • Supporting children with autistic spectrum disorder
  • Communication with children with severe, profound and complex difficulties
  • Total Communication and Alternative and Augmentative Communication
  • Communication across the day
  • Eating and drinking difficulties
  • Signalong
  • Communicate in Print


Further information about speech, language and communication difficulties can be found here: